She by Lucinda Betts
ISBN: 978-0758222152
Reviewed by Jambrea



Blaze Williams needs to find the ancient book of spells that has been in his family for years.  After his fatherís death it was taken from him.  The only person who can help is a woman from his own past.

Ivy is a powerful shape shifter who draws her powers from the Heart of the World.  She is the great protector and the Heart of the World is in danger.  She must team up with an old flame to save her way of life and the magic of the world.

Can Blaze and Ivy team up to save the magic or will their past interfere?

She has a wonderful story idea of a unique shape shifter that I have not read about before.  I had high hopes that She would draw me in and wrap me up in a world of fantasy, but it fell short for me.   While reading, there were a couple parts that I got excited about hoping it would pick up for me, but unfortunately it did not.  I wish the villain had more of a presence because I feel it would have added to the storyline and conflict.  I feel that Ivy was quick to jump to conclusions about Blaze and it seemed a little off to me.  She was not my cup of tea, but if you want to read about a shape shifter who draws her powers from the sexual vibes of others then it could be a book you might like.


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