Seductionís Spell by Lynn LaFleur

Avon Red


ISBN: 978-0-06-117632-6

Reviewed by Emma



Isabella ĎBelleí Patricelli owns Belle On The Bend, a wonderful retreat located in North Texas. People who go there have a tendency to realize that many of the problems they see in their own lives are not as insurmountable as they seemed before. Belle has no problem in nudging the patrons and her staff to think  her way.

She believes in love, fate and the beauty of life. What will be will be, even if she has to help it be.

Seductionís Spell is an enchanting novel. I put up my feet, enjoyed a cup of tea and indulged myself with Seductionís Spell. Ms. LaFleur takes characters from all walks of life and blends them together like a well-oiled machine. Seductionís Spell is actually more of four stories combined than a single story. All of which draw the reader in. I liked and pulled for all the characters with their realistic faults and dreams being brought out for review.


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