Seduced By Darkness by Delilah Devlin
Avon Red
Erotic Vampire
ISBN: 978-0061161247
Reviewed by Talia Rici



Police officer Chessa Tomas is a vampire.  Her patrol consists of policing the chaotic underworld of New Orleans and never seen aspects of the world that humans or ‘ordinary’ people never see. She knows that without rules evil would take over and that is not acceptable to her.  Her attention to duty and her job doesn’t allow for romantic involvements – especially not interludes with a sensual Revenant named Nicolas Montfaucon.

Nicolas Montfaucon is being haunted by dreams of passion and desire.  For 800 years Nicolas has lived and breathed his mission of not allowing an immortal beast to rise again.  However, when a horrific storm batters New Orleans, Nicolas is unable to prevent “the Devourer’ from awakening.  The only person who can help him? The beautiful female vampire of whom he dreams of nightly. 

Nobody writes dark and erotic vampire romances like Delilah Devlin.  In Seduced in Darkness she has woven a timeless tale of good versus evil.  Each character’s desire for good, while being something generally thought of as innately evil, was written with intensity and believable characterization.  I found myself immersed in the sights, sounds, and pandemonium that is the city of New Orleans and loved it.

Seduced in Darkness is my kind of vampire romance.  It was steamy, erotic and suspenseful.  I thoroughly enjoyed every word I read. 


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