Saving All My Lovin’ by Donna Hill
Pause for Men, Book 2
Kimani Romance
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 1-58314-786-3
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Just when she thought that she was on the highway to happiness with being co-owner of a popular men’s spa and with Sterling Powers, a handsome beau seeking her attention; Ann Marie Dennis’ life took a  nose dive for the worst.  First, her imperious ex resurfaced claiming his undying love and his quest to reunite their marriage.  And, if that wasn’t enough to deal with, Raquel, Ann Marie’s adult daughter, is giving her hell because she felt that Ann Marie had deprived her of her father while she was growing up and she couldn’t understand why her mother wasn’t providing a much more warming welcome with him if nothing else than for Raquel’s benefit.

Secrets from the past have found there way to the present reeking havoc on Ann Marie’s developing blissfulness.  She feels torn between two men – one who could make her body remember joyfulness from the past and the other who sets her soul on fire with lustful desire with just one look.  Will Ann Marie choose the right man before it is too late or has her indecisiveness caused her to lose her one true love?

Saving All My Lovin’ is book two in Donna Hill’s Pause for Men series and what a wonderful edition it turned out to be.  The series entails four forty-something women looking for a second chance at love.  While all four women were showcased in Saving All My Lovin’ the spotlight greatly shined on Ann Marie.  I loved the way she slipped into her Jamaican accent when things became heated.  Sterling oozed great sex appeal – he was tall, dark and handsome.  What woman could resist that?!  The chemistry between Ann Marie and Sterling was instantly passionate from the first moment they met and remained hot until the very end.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.


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