Running Wild by Sarah McCarty
Berkley Heat
Erotic Werewolf Anthology
ISBN: 978-0-425-22150-1
Reviewed by Nannette




Lisa Delaney is defending her sister’s honor against the man who attacked her when Donovan McGowan steps in to help. Donovan is a Protector for his pack.  It is forbidden for a werewolf to mate with a human but once Donovan catches Lisa’s scent, he knows she is the one woman made for him.  Lisa faces Donovan the same way she faces anyone who gets in her way: head on.

Lisa is cool, independent, and strong. She’s the perfect match for Donovan. Donovan is very intense and all alpha male. He commands respect and always gets it.  Lisa and Donovan steam up almost every page of “Donovan” as the first story of these three werewolves unfolds.



Kelon McGowan’s twin brother Donovan has asked him to help protect Robin from the man who brutalized her. Kelon prefers his solidarity. He is a Protector like his brother. For Donovan’s sake, Kelon reluctantly agrees to help. When he sets his eyes on Robin he is instantly drawn to the fragile woman.  Robin wants nothing more than to spend a night in the arms of a strong and virile man like Kelon, but she’s sick and running out of time. Kelon wants forever with Robin and he’ll make the ultimate sacrifice to get it.

“Kelon” is heartbreaking and heartwarming. It’s moving and erotic and very kinky. I love the innocence and fragility of Robin and I love how Kelon’s demeanor instantly transforms from reluctant protector to enraptured lover when he sees her for the first time. “Kelon” is a wonderfully written story packed with emotion. 



Heather Delaney is the oldest of the three Delany sisters. She’s the responsible one, the dependable one, the one who takes care of everything. Just once Heather wants to be cared for. When she sees her sisters settled down with their “mates” she can’t help but feel a bit jealous.  Wyatt Carmichael is the McGowan’s cousin. He is also their pack leader.  When Heather meets Wyatt she gets the proof that werewolves really do exist and that she just might be the mate to one. But the pack has turned against their leader and if they get their way, Wyatt will be dead before he can claim his mate.

Wyatt and Heather are so alike.  They are compatible on many levels. Wyatt’s is incredibly sexy and Heather deserves what she gets from Wyatt. I wouldn’t mind getting some of that too! “Wyatt” is very exciting. It brings the final pieces of this trio of stories together and creates a fantastic ending to Running Wild.


Running Wild is erotic, loving, and heartwarming. “Donovan” is full of intensity, I was moved to tears at times in “Kelon”, and I cheered for Wyatt and Heather in “Wyatt”.   I love the way Running Wild is written. There are three distinctive parts in a continuing story.  Each one leads to the next until its dramatic and exciting conclusion. With Running Wild you get three for the price of one: three sexy werewolves, three strong women, and three erotic and exciting stories!


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