Reckless by Saskia Walker

Berkley Heat

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: (10) 0-42522-138-5; (13) 978-0-42522-138-9

Reviewed by Sabella




Katrina Hammond has always led a well ordered life. She has followed a well-planned path and meeting all her marked “stepping” points in accordance to her time-table.  She succeeded in her academic career and then moved on to pursue her dream of becoming a respected valuation expert in a well known auction house, just like her father had been.  However, Katrina has had the mother of all wake-up calls when she caught her “perfect” and eminently suitable fiancé cheating on her, which has made her realize that she has been living her entire life within a very confining box.  Now, Katrina is on the hunt for an adventure, one that includes lots of hot and sweaty sex, and her newest client, Sergio Teodoro, seems to be the perfect candidate and well as a professional coup de grace she need to move up the ladder.

Sergio Teodoro has exerted all his Latin charm in engaging Katrina’s interest in the family’s art collection and in himself.  Sergio plans to use all his charm, and he hopes, sexual expertise as a distraction tactic to keep Katrina away from aspects of his family and their art collection that he doesn’t want discovered.

Nicolas Teodoro has been estranged from his father for years and his brother Sergio has been the most significant wedge between them.  When Nicolas discovers that Sergio plans to sell off their father’s prized art collection, he feels the need to talk to his father and confirm that this action is his wish.  However, Nicolas is unable to find his father and his brother keeps stone-walling him.  So, in order to buy some time, Nicolas is willing to do anything to distract Katrina from completing her job until Nicolas can find his father and get the truth of the matter.

As Katrina finds herself in the middle of the brothers’ struggle, she must try and decipher if all these seduction attempts are distraction ploys or do they have some real intent behind them… Who is the sincere brother? Is there one at all that she can trust?

Reckless is an erotic romp in the Spanish countryside that will weave a sensual veil over you from the get-go.  Saskia Walker is an undisputed master in erotic romance and this book should please her fans.  However, I found that the main focus in the book was Katrina’s sudden “sexual awakening” and her daring behavior in pursuing pleasure.  From having masturbatory sex in her office with a client while her ex-fiancé watches, to being a voyeur to a gay sexual encounter between some secondary and minor characters, Katrina’s character felt like a caricature of the woman she says she wants to become.  Most of the plot revolves around Katrina’s sexual encounters with the Teodoro brothers and how it affects her judgment as a “modern” and “independent” woman.  The brothers’ macho, and sometimes caveman-like, behavior is unexpectedly irritating, as I usually enjoy Alpha male characters.  Also, I found the prose awkward at times, which emphasized the shallowness of the plot and the characters’ behavior, making it hard to care about the outcome of the intrigue surrounding the family and which brother becomes Katrina’s partner in her HEA.  Nevertheless, Reckless is a lava hot read that you shouldn’t pass up when you are looking for a light read, jam-packed with sensuality which will leave you sweating and reaching for something to cool off with or reaching for someone to keep the heat going!


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