Ready to Take a Chance by Alice Wootson
Kimani Press
African American Romance
ISBN-10: 1583148078
ISBN-13: 978-1583148075
Reviewed by Indy



Coming home to find your husband in bed with one of his students can make a bad day get even worse. Shana canít believe her husband is not only cheating but he had the audacity to do it in her home, their bed. After getting rid of the trash figuratively and literally, Shana is left to pick up the pieces of her life. Focusing on the students she coaches is an excellent way to get through her pending divorce that is until ex star basketball player Kyle Rayburn enters the picture. Kyle is rebuilding his life after a career ending injury that leaves him unable to play pro-ball anymore. Now a businessman with a desire to give back, his new track program for city youths is something he feels committed to do. Heís not prepared however for the beautiful coach he has to work with since his experience in the past has been filled with women who only want the star, not the man.  Time will tell if love is possible between two people who are weighed down by their pasts.

In Ready to Take a Chance, readers are given a birdís eye view of how interesting and unexpected love can be. A slower paced romance with the added cuteness of school-aged children; Shana and Kyle were an instant hit. Even though neither wanted to admit it, these two were in the right place for love. Bruised spirits and feelings of disenchantment with the opposite sex made for a little rougher courtship but also a more exciting one. Alice Wootson was able to add humor and charm to a story that could have otherwise come across as painful. Both, Shana and Kyle were decent characters that were easy to like and enjoy. I enjoyed the background characters, especially Shanaís best friend and the children she coached. They added laughter and smiles through out the story. Fans of romance with a sensual and lighter edge will find Ready to Take a Chance a wonderful read.


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