Prince of Passion by Donna Grant
The Royal Chronicles, Book 4
Sensual Fantasy
ISBN # 978-1-906590-51-2
Reviewed by Nannette



Keiran Sinclair cannot return to his home in Drahcir unless he has his mate with him. Keiran has searched everywhere for her to no avail.  Aimery, the Fae commander and friend to the Sinclairs, told Gwyn that she is Keiranís mate but she cannot tell him herself.  The instant and intense attraction between Keiran and Gwyn when they meet proves to Keiran that Gwyn is his mate. With danger surrounding them, they head home to Drahcir. A powerful and evil Fae is desperate to keep them apart and sheíll take Gwyn away from Keiran if she can. Without his mate, Keiran and his people will die.

Prince of Passion is another romantic and sensual story in The Royal Chronicles series. Keiran and Gwyn waited a long time for each other. Their meeting is heart-warming and sensual. Gwyn is a bit unsure of herself and her feelings for Keiran. Keiran is anxious and eager to be with Gwyn. When he realizes that Gwyn is his mate you can feel his happiness and relief.  Prince of Passionís fairy tale storyline resembles another classic story with a few twists. Itís romantic, exciting, and a good ending to this series.


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