Paint it Black by Michelle Perry

Medallion Press


ISBN: 9781933836003

Reviewed by Emma



Abandoned by her father, Necie Bramhall has dedicated her life to bring down everything he stands for. She is a DEA Agent and he is a drug lord. On the day she succeeds in capturing him, she looks forward to going forward with her life. Sadly, it is not meant to be.

Her whole life Maria Barnes has hated Necie, the half-sister she could never compare to. After her fatherís arrest, she decides it is time to do something about her feelings. Maria will destroy her sister, one aspect of Necieís life at a time.

Necie will need her estranged fatherís help to get her daughter, and her life back. Her greatest enemy may just be her only saving grace.

An intense thriller, Paint it Black, starts fast and keeps the pace flowing. Ms. Perry writes, with grace and fervor, the characters of an incredibly dysfunctional family. She maintains the suspense from the first to last chapter, throwing in some extra twists and turns that keep the reader entertained and wanting more.


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