One With the Shadows by Susan Squires

St. Martin’s Press


ISBN: 0-312-94103-X

Reviewed by Emma



Found on the streets, and facially marked by her late ‘mentor’, Kate Malone has to now make her own fate by reading society’s Tarot cards, and the occasional bit of thievery. Creating her own nest egg for a future that no one else will give her, fate sends her a stone that she can use to acquire a fair portion of her goal.  The stone, however, shows her talents she never knew she possessed.

Gian Urbano is a vampire with a duty - to reclaim the mystical stone stolen by Kate Malone and get it to safety before his enemies claim it and Kate. But the longer he spends in Kate’s company, he feels less duty and more lust.

One With the Shadows is a compelling, vivid novel. The characters and the descriptions of various locales were rich in detail. Ms. Squires writes a novel a person enjoys reading from beginning to end. Woven with a bit of suspense, a bit of lore, and a bit of fantasy, One With the Shadows takes the reader away from the real world for a couple of wonderful hours.


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