Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-145671-8
Reviewed by Tori



Kiahna Siefert and Connor Evans had a brief affair that ended as quickly as it had started.  Now eight years later there is a plane crash and Kiahna’s will asks that Connor be found, and her young son to be with the father that he did not even know existed.

Connor has regretted that one night and never even told his wife about it.  Now his marriage is stronger then ever.  When the Lawyer calls him with a proposition of a two-week visit with Max, Connors world is flipped upside down.  Will he lose the wife that he adores or will he have to give up the son he always wanted?

Oceans Apart is a heart-wrenching story that starts out with a terrible tragedy and grips you from the first pages and does not fail to keep you wondering how it would end until the last pages.  Max is such a doll of a character; you cannot help but fall in love with him and his simple trusting love of God.   Oceans Apart is another winner in Karen Kingbsbury’s long list of must read books.


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