Not the Marrying Kind by Hailey North


Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-0-06-058247-0

Reviewed by Emma



Harriet P. Smith has fame, fortune and a style all her own. Harriet may not have it all, but she is happy, for the most part, with what she does have. A widow with a son she loves, and a career as an avant-garde artist that she enjoys. Now if only she can forget the man who gave her her son.

Jack Porter has accomplished a lot since high school. Voted most likely to succeed, he has succeeded, very well. He started his own record company and manages creative clients. He has fame and fortune. Being sexy as well has made it easy for him to find female companionship. Unfortunately, the only woman he has never been able to forget is the one that forgot him.

Life has thrown them back together courtesy of Jackís father. Can they clear the past and move toward the future or is it too late?

Not the Marrying Kind is a book that makes the reader shake their head at Harriet and Jake. They are both stubborn and more than a bit confused as to what they want in life. That said and while I felt the book reached its climax rather abruptly, I did enjoy reading it. The supporting cast is made up of wonderful characters that make the reader smile with their many eccentricities. Hailey North writes with a style that makes the reader happy to be reading her book.


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