Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh

The Nauti Trilogy, Book 3

Berkley Sensation

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN-10: 0425219518

ISBN-13: 978-0425219515

Reviewed by Jo



Chaya Dane is an American agent who was rescued by the sexiest man she had ever met several years ago.  He also helped her through one of the worst times in her life, ever, only to suddenly disappear.  Now years later, she is back in his small town to wipe up the last residue from a case.  Chaya knows that being this close to Natches is not the best idea but she has never gone against orders – even when she didn’t agree with them.  How is she going to get her job done and keep Natches and his relatives out of it is her question.

Natches Mackay knows that his cousins don’t believe he has ever grown up, but they don’t know about the agent he saved years before.  Last year, Chaya came back into his world and he was forced to let her go.  Now she is back again and Natches is not going to give her the chance to leave him again.  Chaya’s assignment this time is going to place her in danger, just because of what she does not know about his small town.  Danger to someone he loves is not something Natches accepts and he is going to do something about it.

Natches and Chaya can’t ignore their history anymore and while it adds a difficult layer to her current assignment, Chaya can’t say no to him anymore.   Chaya knows that letting Natches work with her goes against her orders, but Natches has ways of getting her to agree – hot, sweaty and erotic ways.  Natches and Chaya both want the same thing, to get this assignment done without any further blood spill–especially after her team is placed in danger from an unknown. 

WOW, Wow, wow.  Now that I have this out of the way, I have to say that Nauti Dreams has enough eroticism and suspense to satisfy.  Natches returned to his home and regained his life, wanting the one person he didn’t think he could have.  Chaya has known a lot of heartbreak but nothing has affected her like thinking Natches left her years ago.  I had figured out that Natches and Chaya would be a couple after Nauti Nights, but I never would have expected the history that Ms. Leigh gave them.  The decisions that both Natches and Chaya had to make from their first meeting until the end of Nauti Dreams had me loving and hurting for both of them in several places.  This is one book that will go on my “don’t even think about borrowing” shelf.  Nauti Dreams will make you tingle and sigh and most certainly wish you had a Nauti boy for yourself. 

The Nauti series was begun as a trilogy; however I see that a fourth book in the series is planned.  I have my guess and hope on whom this is for and can’t wait to see if I am right.


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