Mile High by G.A. Hauser
Linden Bay Romance
Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-1-60202-120-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Owen Braydon is a divorced accountant living in Los Angeles, California.  He travels to Denver, Colorado every weekend to visit his ten year old daughter Leah. Taylor Madison is a project manager for his fatherís construction company.  Taylor lives in Denver but is currently traveling back and forth every week to L.A. overseeing a construction site. Owen and Taylor meet on a flight to Denver. The sparks fly and they keep the small bathroom on the plane occupied getting to know each other intimately. Owen had never been with a man before Taylor. His first experience with Taylor shows Owen that heís liked men all along.  The men part ways after the flight but when Owen boards the plane on his flight back to L.A. heís pleasantly surprised to see Taylor again. They keep meeting in the air but soon they both want more. Can they make a relationship work when Owen has an ex-wife, a young daughter, and a business to run and Taylor has a commitment to his familyís business that keeps him traveling constantly and a father who hates that he is gay?

Underneath the high altitude erotic hi-jinks Mile High has a nice love story. Owen is a good father and his desire for Taylor is sweet. Taylor is great with Owen but he can be very obnoxious like when he doesnít want anyone to notice what he and Owen are obviously doing on the plane. A lot of unrealistic things happen in the bathroom and in their seats on those plane rides. Owen and Taylor are very good together.  They have a lot of chemistry, both in and out bed. Some of the sexual scenes they play out seem more goofy than serious.  Mile High is an okay story but itís definitely more fantasy than reality.


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