Magic in His Kiss by Shari Anton
Magic Trilogy, Book 3
Sensual Historical
ISBN: 978-0446617567
Reviewed by Nannette



Connor ap Maelgwyn took Rhodri ap Dafydd in after Rhodriís father died. Nicole de Leon is Connorís niece. Nicole has been cloistered in an abbey by King Stephen. The king wants to marry Nicole to the Welshman of his choosing in order to ensure peace in England. Peace in England means strife for Wales though so Connor sends Rhodri to get Nicole and bring her back so he can marry her to a Welshman who will aid the people of Wales. When Aubrey de Vere, an advisor of the king arrives, at the abbey and takes them to his castle, Rhodriís task becomes much harder.  Nicole is not for him. Rhodri knows this and yet his traitorous heart wants her anyway. Nicole wants to be free of her duties and obligations. She wants to choose her husband. She also wants the spirit of her brother to cease his demands and leave her in peace. Nicole is pulled in many directions. Will she be forced to choose between duty and love? 

Magic in His Kiss is a very romantic story. Rhodri was only supposed to bring Nicole back, not fall in love with her. Nicole is spirited and stubborn. Rhodri brings out the best and the worst in her. Nicole admires Rhodri and is attracted to him, but being as stubborn as she often is, she usually prefers to lead him rather than follow him. The dialog and the situations Nicole and Rhodri are put in feel realistic and authentic. Magic in His Kiss is a good story that takes Nicole and Rhodri on an exciting and sensual adventure from start to finish.


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