Lyon by Elizabeth Amber
Lords of Satyr, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0758220417
Reviewed by Amelia



The three Satyr brothers, Nicholas, Raine and Lyon, are heirs to a successful winery in Tuscany. They are also are half-human, half-Satyrs, born from the ElseWorld and living in the EarthWorld. They were sent to find three half-faerie daughters of a dying king.

The two older brothers have found their loves, and now itís time for Lyon to depart to Paris and find the third, and last, sister. But when he arrives he finds not one, but two trails of faerie scent, one leading to the river, and one leading to a woman named Juliette Rabelais, a courtesan.

At first, Lyon is confused about the two scents, but the one from Juliette is the strongest, so he sets out to get close to her, and fulfill his duty.

Known for her culinary skills, Juliette is not your typical courtesan. Fiercely guarded by her protector, M. Valmont, she hates her life, and longs for it to change. When she meets Lyon she is very attracted, but knows it could never work. When she cooks for Lyon on a Moonful night she discovers a man unlike any she has ever seen. But the night is nearly Lyonís undoing. Afterward he must battle to discover what has happened, and fix it before itís too late.

I have absolutely loved the Lords of Satyr books, and when they were first introduced, Lyon is the brother that attracted my attention. Thatís why I eagerly awaited the arrival of this book. But itís also why this review is hard to write.

I loved Lyon, just like I thought I would. He is strong and dominant, which makes me shiver. Juliette is a well-drawn character, not wanting to stay in her life, but knowing she has no choice. Together they are explosive, and perfect.

The problem for me was one scene with two male shimmerskins, which raised a major ick factor for me and made me shiver, and not in a good way. That scene almost cut it for me, but the strong finish of the book, and the creative way Ms. Amber wove in the fourth faerie scent, and set up another book made me shiver in a good way.

All in all, Lyon is a great addition to the series. I will probably read the book again, but will skip over that one scene, the only thing that kept this book from receiving a Recommended Read nod. The book did leave me waiting for the fourth book. The Lords of Satyr books are creative and well written, a trip into fantasyland that plumps up your senses. If you havenít checked them out yet, start from the beginning. Then sit back and enjoy the ride. Youíll be glad you did.


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