Let the Night Begin by Kathryn Smith
The Brotherhood of the Blood, Book 4
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0061245039
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Olivia Gavin has a fulfilling life, even if she doesn’t go out in the daylight and is very rarely seen.  Turned into a creature of the night thirty years ago by the husband she seldom allows herself to think about, Olivia strives to be content.  Her nephew is her entire world and when he ends up missing Olivia has no choice but to seek out the very man she wants to hate, the man she has not seen for their entire married lives, her husband, Reign Gavin.

No matter how much he loved Olivia when they first married, Reign knows he should have given her the choice of becoming a vampire.  In not giving her a choice and tying her to him forever, Reign lost both Olivia and her love for the past thirty years.  Because of this, when Olivia comes to him and asks for his help in finding her nephew, Reign knows he must act or lose her.  He comes up with a plan of compromise.  He will help Olivia and in turn, she will help him – by returning to their marriage bed once more. 

The first impression I got of Let the Night Begin was favorable but leery.  I am a huge fan of forced seduction – forced vampirism, not so much.  Refusing to give up, I kept reading and the further into the story I became the more I became enamored of it.  I wanted to dislike Reign but could not make myself.  There was jus something about this vampire that appealed to me and I just loved him.  His love for Olivia was the reason he turned her –he only knew that he wanted her to be with him forever.  Olivia felt the way I do if her responses are any indication.  She was angry at Reign but desired him.  But was it enough?

Kathryn Smith’s Let the Night Begin was big on emotion as well as passion and full of sultry innuendoes and compelling situations.  If Let the Night Begin is any indication of Ms. Smith’s ability as an author then she has a fan for life. 


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