In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath
ISBN: 978-0-06-135557-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lady Catherine Mabry is on the hunt for a man more vindictive than her hated guardian –she has no choice.  Someone very close to her is being harmed daily and Catherine has to find someone with a ruthless reputation in order for her to make a bargain.  Who does she turn to? The Devil Earl himself, Lucian Langdon, the Earl of Claybourne. 

Lucian’s reputation is that of vile murderer and womanizer.  Barely tolerated in polite society, he is on the outskirts of acceptance and knows that the only way to be acknowledged is to find a wife and attain his goal via her.  The woman he wants, however, is not schooled in the ways and running of the ton and Lucian knows that he must enlist the help of a society miss in order to teach her.  Lucian and Catherine negotiate a bargain in which Catherine will teach his intended the ways of polite society and Lucian will help Catherine with her quest – however, Catherine’s bargain is much more dangerous than both thought possible. 

Catherine and Lucian enter their endeavor with their eyes wide open and their hearts closed to the other. Suspicions aside, neither of the two realizes that in making a simple bargain will become a lifetime of love.

Lorraine Heath is an automatic read for me simply because every historical romance I have ever read from her is outstanding.  In Bed with the Devil is no exception.  Lucian and Catherine are ill prepared for the love that comes their way and they are hesitant to break their bargain.  Catherine’s role in society is such that she cannot act alone and it is only after much soul searching that she accepts and realizes that while she loves Lucian, his heart belongs to another.  She was wrong and I am glad for it. 

In Bed with the Devil is a splendid tale of bargains and love and acceptance.  I cherished every word and continue to stand in awe of anything written by Lorraine Heath.


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