Hot Property by Carly Phillips
Sensual Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0-373-77333-6
Reviewed by Nannette



Amy Stone left her slightly wacky family in Florida to work for her uncleís PR firm, Hot Zone, in New York.   John Roper, New York Renegades center fielder, is her first client. Which would normally be great except that John and Amy already met at Amyís cousinís wedding when John hit on her even though he had a date with him. Amy is very attracted to John but she is determined to keep things professional between them. John has his hands full with an injury, a very disgruntled fan, and his family pulling him in every direction. Now heís got the added pressure of being around Amy all of the time. Not that he really minds that. John is really attracted to Amy but sheís decided they canít get personal. While Amy works on getting his life in order, John is working on bending Amyís rules about keeping things professional between them. Johnís family and his life in the public eye are threatening any future he might have with her though. If he canít get his life on track heíll lose Amy before he ever really had her.

Hot Property is fun and sexy. John is such a great guy. Heís torn between his own life and his familyís. Amy is a trooper. She sticks by John and helps him while slowly falling in love with him. When the going gets too tough though, Amy understandably gets going. And when they kiss and make up, itís sweet and hot! Hot Property is another romantic and light-hearted story from Carly Phillips. Reading her books always puts a smile on my face!


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