Home For The Holidays by Lisa Plumley
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0821780534
Reviewed by Nannette



After finding her boyfriend and her best client in bed together, celebrity stylist Rachel Porter gets back at them by dressing them in horrendous fashions at a major event. Things backfire though and Rachel loses all her clients when they think she has lost her sense of style so Rachel leaves L. A. and heads home to Kismet, Michigan until things blow over.  Reno Wright used to be a kicker for the NFL football team, the Scorpions. Now, Reno owns a sports equipment store called The Wright Stuff in Kismet. Reno is everyoneís go- to- guy. He helps everyone in need, so when his neighbor asks him to pick up her daughter at the airport, he does. Reno and Rachel seem like complete opposites, but from the moment they meet at the airport, itís obvious they have chemistry. Too bad once they get back to town Renoís friend Nate begs Reno to set him up with Rachel. Renoís sister Angela offers to help too. Pretty soon Rachel is wondering if life in L.A. is not as good as she thought and Reno doesnít want to give Rachel to his friend because he wants her himself.

Reno and his sister Angela have similar dilemmaís that involve the same girl. It makes for some very amusing moments. Nate is great! His Neanderthal charm is simply irresistible. Reno is the perfect guy. Heís kind, compassionate, and very sexy and Rachel is a hometown girl dressed up in Gucci and Prada. Home For The Holidays is a bit of a modern day Itís A Wonderful Life. Itís romantic and fun and full of heartwarming moments!


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