Highland Knight by Cindy Miles
Signet Eclipse
Paranormal/Time Travel
ISBN: 978-0-451-22439-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Amelia Landry is a best selling author with nothing to write.  At the end of the summer she has a manuscript due but writerís block is kicking her butt.  A fan of the scary and unexplained, Amelia canít figure out why she is so discontented.  Her apathy comes to an end when her best friend and assistant ZuZu rents a supposedly haunted castle for Amelia in Scotland.  Not one to disbelieve a good haunting, Amelia reluctantly agrees to go, especially if the ambiance will help her with her novel. Amelia has no idea what awaits her in Scotland but itís got to be better than eating Cheez Whiz out of the bottle, right?

Ethan Munro, the Laird of Munro, and his five clansmen have been enchanted and held spellbound to his castle and itís grounds for over four hundred years.  They arenít dead exactly because every day during the gloaming hour Ethan and his men come alive only to vanish into thin air sixty minutes later.  Visitors come and go to the castle due to its haunted status but no one has seen Ethan and the others except for the castle custodian and Amelia.

With hope in their hearts, Ethan and Amelia set out to solve the mystery of his enchantment and in doing so find the soul mate of their dreams; no matter that several hundred years separates them.  Ethanís mystery must be solved but will that mean he leaves Amelia forever?

I loved the plot of Highland Knight despite the fact that time travel novels are not my favorite genres to read.  Not only did I enjoy reading Highland Knight but Cindy Miles penned Highland Knight in such a way that it made me believe that time travel could happen and all I have to do is go to Scotland and find my own tartan-wearing hero.  Ethanís manliness, the mischievousness of his kinsmen, and Ameliaís sultry attitude made Highland Knight a tremendously playful, emotional, and sexy read. 


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