Highland Fire by Hannah Howell
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-8217-7429-8
Reviewed by Nannette



Tavig MacAlpin and Moira Robertson are traveling on the same ship to the same destination. Tavig is disguised as George Fraser, running from his cousin Iver MacAlpin, who has accused him of murder. Moira is traveling with her guardian, Bearnard Robertson. They are heading to Mungan Coll, who is Tavig’s cousin and the man who has kidnapped Moira’s cousin Una. When an accident on board the ship almost kills Moira and Tavig, they wash up on a sandy shore. Tavig’s “sight” has convinced him that he and Moira are destined to be together. Moira needs convincing though. Their journey to Mungan’s is long and hard, and their arrival has more hardships.  Moira hides a secret from Tavig. If Bearnard’s machinations don’t keep them apart, her secret just might.

I always enjoy the authenticity of Hannah Howell’s novels.  I feel as if I’m in Scotland watching a sword fight with awe or admiring the beautiful scenery. Highland Fire has a spirited heroine and a very loving and passionate hero. Moira and Tavig are perfectly suited. Moira needed love and Tavig was more than willing to give it to her. It takes Moira a while to figure out how well they suit though. Tavig and Moira face one obstacle after another. Highland Fire is a sensual story full of excitement.


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