Heart of the Storm by Lindsay McKenna



ISBN: 0-373-77225-4

Reviewed by Emma



Two years after the murders of her husband and mother, Dana Thunder Eagle finds out that their killer is still on the loose, and the only person that can stop him is her. She is, however, woefully out of practice with the power within her and she only has just over a month to do it.

Chase has been requested to get Dana into shape. He sees the beauty within her. The powerful, if unused gift, the fierce heart, the old soul within but after six months of torture at the hands of rebels, Chase is not sure he can do what his People need him to do - help Dana become stronger in one month.

Both must learn to trust each other, to become stronger together. If they can’t, a madman may win and destroy their People’s heritage.

Heart of the Storm is intense. The research that went into the history of the pipes and their uses made for an informative read. Chase and Dana’s passion for each other developed realistically and gratifyingly. Ms. McKenna’s subplots added to a well-written tale. If you enjoy stories with plenty of heart and intrigue, Heart of the Storm will definitely appeal to both your mind and heart.


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