Heart of Stone by Diana Palmer

Long Tall Texan Series

Silhouette Special Edition #1921


ISBN10: 0373249217

ISBN13: 978-0373249213

Reviewer: Melissa



Boone Sinclair has always been drawn to his little sister’s best friend, Keely Welsh. But the age difference is something that he never lets himself forget plus he’s been burned in love before. Keely can’t really remember a time when she hasn’t loved Boone, it almost destroyed her when he became engaged years ago and then she was devastated for him when his fiancée betrayed him. Now, danger from Keely’s parent’s past has targeted Keely and even though he knows he should stay away from her, Boone has to protect her. Now they are in constant contact, Keely has a chance to make Boone see that she’s no longer the little girl he thinks she is.

I don’t know why but I always find myself drawn to reading Diana Palmer’s books. Although the author usage of words is often dated, such as the phrase “he’s a dish”, the downright meanness at times of her heroes and the almost too sweetness of her heroines, I find myself reading her again and again. Heart of Stone is by turns frustrating and enthralling, I couldn’t put it down!


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