Hard As Nails by HelenKay Dimon
Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN-10: 0758215835
ISBN-13: 978-0758215833
Reviewed by Jo



This Old House

Cole Carruthers is the architect for T.C. Limited and somehow he is dispatched to find out what was behind the person objecting to their newest project.  The last thing Cole figured on finding is a young and sexy woman with a sledgehammer prepared to do some damage to the historical building.   Aubrey Matheson’s great aunt owned the house until she sold it to T.C. Limited.  Aubrey is in a sticky situation and she needs total access to the house until she gets what she needs to keep a family member’s secret safe.  Cole decides that there is something about his new “squatter” and goes on a counter attack.  Aubrey and Cole discover love and that just because it has always been does not mean it must always stay that way.

“This Old House” is the beginning of the trio of stories, which officially hands the project off to T.C. Limited to bring the great old house back to its prime.  Cole isn’t happy about having to face the person wanting to cause trouble until he meets Aubrey.  Aubrey has reasons to delay the construction on the house anyway she can.  However when Cole calls her bluff, Aubrey has trouble keeping on track.  I laughed often while following Cole and Aubrey and their fun roundabout way to love.  “This Old House” is a great start to the trio of stories.


All About Adam

Adam Thomas is the corporate attorney for the firm.  But that has only been his job for a short time.  Adam had to walk away from the criminal law that he loved to protect loved ones.  For months now Adam has been trying to track down a woman who went for coffee and never came back.  Becky Carter just wants to help her sister with the house purchase she made with T.C. Limited.  When Adam walks in, Becky wonders if she can stick to business.  Adam is also determined to stick to business, but his concern isn’t a legal contract, but the reasons why Becky disappeared.  When both Becky and Adam confront the truths behind their actions, it isn’t surprising that the outcome is love in the first degree.

“All About Adam” brings Adam and Becky back together after a week of togetherness that ended with Becky disappearing.  Adam was not going to take no for an answer on his questions.  Becky was unsure just how to answer his questions and still keep what pride and dignity she still had left.  I just fell for Adam’s determination to get what he knew was his and had to feel for Becky as she struggled with what her heart said and what her head was saying.  The ending was the perfect solution for two legal minded people in love.  


Man at the Door

Ray Hammond would be worried about the guys in his company falling under love’s spell except he can’t seem to get the new owner of his jobsite out of his mind.  Ray just wants a chance to show Erin that they could make a wonderful couple.  Erin knows what Ray’s reputation has been and she is not sure that she wants to be just another mark on his belt.  Besides he is years younger than her and it would be just wrong – wouldn’t it?  Ray finally gets his chance to convince Erin and they are interrupted.  Then misunderstandings make it worse when all Ray wants to do is show Erin not only how good they are, and could be together, but that people with unusual pasts can have a loving and normal future.

“Man at the Door” is not only the final story for the men in T.C. Limited but wraps up all the storylines in a satisfying way.  Ray knew that Erin was for him from the minute he met her and just wants to show her what could be.  Erin is falling for Ray but has serious doubts about several things – not the least being he is a much younger man.  When Ray and Erin finally come together I could tell they were going to explode and they did.  However I should have known that nothing could go without a few bumps when you are traveling along the highway of love.  However Erin shows her ultimate expression of love for Ray in a way, it leaves no doubt with anyone. 


Hard as Nails tells the story of the remaining three men in the forefront of T.C. Limited.  Cole, Adam and Ray had no hint that the purchase, sale and remodeling of an old house would lead to their perfect endings.  I laughed and sighed my way through each story in Hard as Nails watching as each man was confronted with his perfect other half.  The humor with which each couple faced and struggled while finding love, made this anthology by Ms. Dimon a great summer read. 

If you are at all curious about the fourth and beginning member of the company, you can find Whit’s story in the When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys anthology.


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