Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta
Casa Dracula, Book 1
Pocket Star Books
ISBN-10: 1416531602
ISBN-13: 978-1416531609
Reviewed by Jo



Milagro De Los Santos is attending what is becoming a boring party in hopes of getting her career going.  While Milagro has a tie not only with the hostess but also with the person that the party is for, neither can keep her attention like the man she just met.  Oswald Grant is at the party for reasons of his own and he thinks that Milagro just might hold some answers for him.  Oswald and Milagro leave the party together and circumstances make it so they end up with drinks in his room.

That night things get a bit out of control.  Milagro ends up very, very sick and then finds out that not only did Oswald infect her with a rare blood disorder (think Vampire) but worse still, he is engaged to be married to a nice girl.  Oswald’s family snatches Milagro to come live with them while everyone tries to figure out what is going on.  Milagro has her own ways of looking at life and is soon carving a place for herself within the Grant family and confusing them with her takes on life.  When several lives are threatened, Milagro knows it will take her wits, humor and one of the craziest ideas she has ever tried to free them all and maybe, just maybe find out if she and Oswald can ever have a love together.

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula takes a totally different look at just what a vampire is and how they came to be.  Milagro feels that life is passing her by and tries to be proactive by attending a party in hopes of networking.  Oswald is attending the same party but for very different reasons.  Milagro and Oswald soon find out that fate has a different ending of this evening then either had expected.  Milagro’s reactions to what life is throwing at her had me in stitches several times.  I also felt a bit sorry for Oswald at times when he was trying to find some balance between his heart and his family’s expectations.  The sometimes-subtle humor that I found throughout Happy Hour at Casa Dracula was wonderful and just snarky enough to keep it lively.  Ms. Acosta has begun a series that I have a feeling will be a keeper.  The ending for all the parties involved only made me want to grab up the next book to see what everyone would be up to.


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