Forever Mine by Erin O’Niall
Contemporary, Paranormal, F/F
Reviewed by Patrice F.



Katie takes her friend Deanna up on an offer to go to a lesbian club.  Deanna is recovering from a recent break up, and Katie isn’t about to leave her friend high and dry on Halloween.  The evening takes a turn, and Katie is dancing with a woman she can’t seem to resist.  Soon she’s itching to take a walk on the wild side.  Before she can get a name and phone number, her dance partner disappears.  Katie follows her and the trail leads her into the supernatural. 

Will Katie’s new found passion for the mysterious Gwen take her to places unknown?   Or is there something deeper and darker lurking in the shadows?

Forever Mine intertwines paranormal intrigue with F/F romance and succeeds in creating a story that immediately draws the reader in.   The sexual tension is fueled by the otherworldly dynamic of Katie and Gwen’s encounter.  The plot teased, I wasn’t certain what was going to happen next, which is always a plus.  The writing is picturesque and sensual.  Although my preferences lie outside the F/F genre, I certainly could appreciate the characters.   The nuances and delivery of the story offered a fascinating ending with the just right amount of space to continue the interesting thread. 


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