Flashpoint by Jill Shalvis
Blaze #410
ISBN: 0373794142
Reviewed by Tanya



Zach Thomas lost his parent to a fire years ago and once he became an adult he fulfilled his wish to not only help people but to battle fires.  He has also been blessed with being a nice guy and a “hottie”.  But, he hasn’t found the one woman that makes him want to settle down yet.  He does know that his is attracted to the spunky Brooke, but she is a temp fill in EMT, and he knows that before he does anything he needs to make sure she knows he is a no commitment kind of a guy.  But, what will happen if this no commitment guy wants to make a change?

Brooke has led a nomadic life and her professional career has not been any different.  She takes temp jobs but, she has never been to California before.  Now suddenly she has inherited a house, now there is something when a woman who can carry everything she owns in a car has a house.  So she decides to take a temp job in the area of the house and clean it out to be sold.  What she doesn’t count on is “Officer Hottie” and the draw he has on her hormones.  But, she doesn’t think she only wants casual with Zach so what is a girl to do? 

What is sexier than a fit, funny and kind firefighter?  I don’t know but if you do please tell me.  Flashpoint has this sexy man in spades, and he has finally found the woman that he doesn’t want to just have a casual thing with either.  I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Shalvis’s characters and storyline from the mysterious arsons, to the nomadic lifestyle of Brooke and how she finds her inner peace.  I am glad Flashpoint is the start of a series by Ms. Shalvis and I am looking forward to the next chapter, of the men in this firehouse.


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