Flame From Within by Shirley Kiger Connolly
Vintage Romance Publishing
Inspirational Historical
ISBN-13: 978-09-9793327-1-5
Reviewed by Tori



Amethyst Roseís whole life is changed when a band of Yankeeís set fire to her home and kill most of her family in the process.  She vows that she will never forgive them for what they have done to her beloved South.   As Aimee makes her way to her sisterís house she runs into a pair of solders that catch her attention.   Will they be able to protect her from her sisterís schemes? 

Aimee will need to learn to rely on God to get her through her pain, but will it be too late?


Flame From Within was an interesting read with plenty of adventure and good common sense.  I must admit that while I truly did like reading every page I felt let down at the ending.  There was a couple spots in Flame From Within where I wanted more details and at least once they would have a character talking and then the next he had left, but there had been no mention of days passing or even a break in the text.  In the end Godís grace and mercy shine through and that is what truly matters.


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