Fiancé at Her Fingertips by Kathleen Bacus
Love Spell
Contemporary / Paranormal
ISBN: 978-0505527349
Reviewed by Cassie



Sick of enduring the constant fix-up attempts of her mother and other well-meaning people, Debra Daniels is desperate for a solution.  When she stumbles across a novelty gift entitled “Fiancé at Your Fingertips” that’s guaranteed to fool family and friends into thinking you have a steady boyfriend, she thinks it’ll be a great joke.  Unfortunately, the only kit the store has is “Lawyer Logan.”  Despite her dislike of lawyers, Debra buys the kit and puts the plan into action.  Everyone seems to be fooled and she’s having a great time.  Until Lawyer Logan actually shows up…

Fiancé at Her Fingertips was an incredibly frustrating book because it had so much potential.  The idea of the relationship kit was really cute.  Despite Debra’s (and Kathleen Bacus’) overuse of alliteration, I liked her—at least at first.  Her job as a crime victims’ advocate was admirable, and she was funny.  Her shock and horror at the appearance of a real Logan Alexander was amusing for a while.  As for Logan, he was sweet, kind, funny, generous, and all in all a wonderful guy.  I wanted to smack Debra when she continued to treat Logan horribly for most of the story.  Then, just when I thought there was a perfect place to end the story, it took an unpleasant twist.  The happy ending rang false for me because of it.  Still, Fiancé at Her Fingertips had a lot of good points.  The idea was good, I loved the hero, and the supporting characters were hilarious.  I am hoping Ms. Bacus’s next book in what promises to be a series will capitalize on all those positives. 


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