Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon
A Dream-Hunter Novel
St. Martinís Paperbacks
Sensual Paranormal
ISBN: 978-0312938826
Reviewed by Nannette



Simone Dubois sees dead people.  Sheís a medical examiner and many of the dead bodies she sees donít stay dead. Ghosts come to her for help too. Unfortunately, Simone has never seen the ghosts of her family who were killed when she was a child.  A ghost named Jesse and her co-worker, Tate are the closest resemblance to family Simone has now.

Since his release from the torturous bowels of Tartarus, dream god Xypher has one thing on his mind- vengeance. So when he gets shackled to human Simone Dubois he is less than pleased.  Because he helped a Dark-Hunter, Xypher is granted a temporary release from his own personal hell. He has one month on earth. One good deed could save him but Xypher is filled with hatred. His need to kill Satara-the one who sent him to Tartarus-consumes him.

Simone is stuck with the hottest guy she has ever seen, but he has a really bad attitude, and thatís just the beginning of her problems. There are demons chasing them, and Simoneís about to have a life changing experience.  As Xypher reluctantly gets to know his constant companion he starts to have feelings for her.  He has only known pain and hatred his whole life though, so when he is forced to decide will Xypher choose vengeance or love?

Xypher is a tortured hero with a few added twists. Heís a dream god with immense and really cool powers. Heís also angry, rude and has no social skills. I love him! Simone is tough and compassionate. Her real strength lies in her ability to break through the walls surrounding Xypherís heart though. Jesse endeared me to him with his love of eighties music, movie quotes, and horrible fashions. Demon fights, car chases, a sensual and tumultuous romance along with appearances by a few other oldie but goodie characters make Dream Chaser another great novel in Sherrilyn Kenyonís Dark-Hunter series!


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