Darkling Seas by Madelaine Montague
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy, Ménage a trois
ISBN: 978-1-60394-153-2
Reviewed by Patrice F.




To the Merfolk, terra-bipeds – humans - are mythical creatures.  Angie is kidnapped as a test subject when scientist Miles enlists his friend, Damian, to capture one of the creatures from above.   The longer Angie remains in their custody, the less she is regarded as a lab animal.  Soon it’s not too difficult for Angie to discover she’s not in Kansas anymore.  Her ‘hosts’, considered by us to be legend and folklore, are just as real as she. 

Damian and Miles are captivated by the fragile woman, and with their fascination, their mating urge increases.  The time for visiting the Merfolk’s traditional breeding grounds is fast approaching.   Damian and Miles are faced with more than one dilemma on what to do with Angie while they struggle to resist her. 

Angie merely wants to survive the ordeal and return home, no matter how attractive Damian and Miles are to her.  Before she can blink, she is swept into another situation beyond her control.  From there on, any chance of escape dwindles.

The setting for Darkling Seas makes it an interesting place to visit.   Sly humor and a sprinkling of irony are the main ingredients behind the story’s tone, and Ms. Montague makes it all work with her precise, witty writing.  My only concern was the ambiguity of Angie’s sexual encounters.  There was a question of whether or not she was fully willing, or was she ‘persuaded’ to go with the flow of things?  Overall, the character development for the heroine and her love interests is genuine and concrete, and the supporting characters compliment them.

This novel was a fun and sexy read, rich with imagination.  This was my first time reading Ms. Montague’s work.  I was intrigued by her style and inventiveness.


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