Dark Obsession by Allison Chase
Blackheath Moor
Paranormal Historical
ISBN: 978-0451223876
Reviewed by Cassie



After a portrait, allegedly showing her in the nude, is displayed in public, Nora Thorngoode is dubbed ďThe Painted Paramour.Ē  Her reputation in tatters, her parents decide she must marry.  As her father is very rich, he begins looking for noblemen who are in need of a large dowry.  He finds a suitable candidate, and despite the manís black reputation Nora has little choice but to agree to the match.

Sir Grayson Lowell is desperate.  He must have funds immediately to salvage his late brotherís estate for his young nephew.  He agrees to marry The Painted Paramour, expecting a calculating seductress.  What Gray finds instead is a sweet, sensual woman who is nothing at all like he expected.  With all of society buzzing about him having murdered his older brother, and haunted by guilt and ghosts, can Nora and Gray ever find happiness?

Dark Obsession is an atmospheric and enjoyable tale of love and redemption, with a bit of ghostly spice.  I liked Nora, who was determined to make something of her marriage.  She was tough, smart, and loyal to Grayson no matter what.  Grayson is the epitome of the tortured hero.  Heís tormented by guilt, and feels he doesnít deserve Nora, or any kind of happiness.  He also does whatever is necessary to protect Nora and his nephew, even from himself.  The scenes between Gray and Nora are always fascinating, whether they are arguing or making love.  The secondary characters are well-written and interesting.  Noraís parents were particularly amusing.  Allison Chase did a great job of building suspense and spooky atmosphere, and it was easy to see why Gray feared he was going mad.  The actual solution to the mystery felt a bit anticlimactic, but thatís a small complaint considering how entertaining the book as a whole was.  If you like historicals, ghosts, and tortured heroes, check out Dark Obsession. 


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