Curse of the Dragonís Tears by Heidi Betts

Hotter than Hell Anthology

Harper Collins

Paranormal /Shape shifter

ISBN: 978-0061161292

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Castle MacKay is supposedly haunted and Dougal MacKay is surprised to see a beautiful woman inside.  Not only is she inside the Castle walls, but it looks like she might be staying the night.  Unsure of what to do, Dougal remains hidden from sight because he knows exactly what will happen should he be seen Ė screaming in terror comes to mind since he has been cursed.

Laura Tomescu is at Castle MacKay for a reason.  Her family had something to do with the curse placed on Dougal MacKayís head and for the past several years she has been dreaming of a man/beast bringing her to fulfillment.  She feels herself being watched but does not give in to her fear and falls asleep only to once again dream of a fiery man and iridescent scales.

Heidi Betts has penned a hauntingly beautiful novella with Curse of the Dragonís Tears.  Dougal was cursed for being too self-centered and unwilling to do anything for anyone else.  He was cursed until such a time as he is able to forget his selfishness and act without thinking for the good of someone else.  For years he has tried to get rid of the curse but until Lara, love didnít enter the picture keeping him spellbound to his land and Castle Mackay.

I ached with Dougal regarding his curse and loved Dougal with Laraís emotions.  Curse of the Dragonís Tears was intense and highly sensual and being used to Heidi Bettsí Silhouette releases, I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the sexuality of Curse of the Dragonís Tears.

Curse of the Dragonís Tears is part of the anthology titled Hotter than Hell and releases in July.  Donít miss it!


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