Carved In Stone by Vicki Taylor
Berkley Sensation
Sensual Paranormal
ISBN: 0-425-20291-7
Reviewed by Nannette



Rachel Vandermere witnessed her parents murder when she was a child. The creature she blames for their deaths was a winged monster. Now an adult, Rachel is an Interpol Agent and her need to discover the mysterious creatures that left her an orphan is stronger than ever. Nathan Cross is a gargoyle, part of a race called Les Gargouillen.  Nathan doesn't want to live another lifetime, he doesn't want to take a mate or procreate again, even when his attraction to Rachel threatens to overwhelm him. There is something different about Rachel though, Nathan can't control her mind and she is seeing things no human should see.  Just as Rachel and Nathan are coming to terms with their relationship and Rachel's unique abilities, danger threatens to destroy them all.

Carved In Stone is imaginative, emotional, thrilling and sensual.  Nathan's looks and personality are striking while Rachel reminds me of a soft yet tough girl next door. The creatures in Carved In Stone are fascinating and the story line is exciting and full of action.  I'm eager to begin the second in this series.


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