Between You and Me by Jane Blackwood
Sensual Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0-8217-7951-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Meghan Rose and Will Scott spent four years sailing together on water baby. They made an amazing team, and along with a great crew they won many races together. Meghan was unable to win Will’s heart though so she left him.  Two years later, Meghan is living the life she always wanted. She has a successful career as a real estate agent, a home, and a fiancé.  Alan is everything Will isn’t but when Will walks through her office door begging her to help him win the Newport–Bermuda sailing race she starts to remember all the things she loved about him. Will tried to convince himself that all he needed was just Meghan to win the race but once they are back on the water together he realizes that he loves her, and he always has.

Rachel Jenks and Thad Westwood are crewmembers on water baby. Rachel has been in love with Thad forever and after six years, he’s finally noticing her.

Will, Meghan, Thad, and Rachel have lost their hearts. Can they win them back and the race too?

I really liked Meghan and Will, and I was cheering for them to be together, but Meghan’s engagement to Alan puts a bit of a damper on things because you know  someone is going to get hurt there, even if it is clear that Meghan is made for Will.  I loved Thad and Rachel! Thad is charming and Rachel is very sweet. Between You and Me is a fun story with a lot of angst. 


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