Before The Scandal by Susan Enoch
Notorious Gentleman
Sensual Historical
ISBN: 978-0-06-145674-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Lieutenant Colonel Phineas Bromley has returned home to Quence Park at the urgent request of his sister, Beth. Phin has been a soldier for the past ten years. Some things have changed during his absence, and some have not. His brother William still scorns him but his childhood friend Alyse Donnelly has changed quite a bit. She is now a beautiful and desirable woman. Alyse lives with her Aunt Ernesta and her cousin Richard who treat her poorly. Both Phin and Alyse have secrets they are not willing to share and yet, Phin begins to court Alyse anyway.

Not long after he arrived home, Phin realized that someone is out to get his family. Itís not bad luck like everyone thinks, but whom, and why?  Phin decides to pose as an infamous highwayman to try and find out whatís going on. Will he help solve the mystery, or make matters worse for them all though?

Before The Scandalís fast paced plot has friends who become lovers and villains running amok. Phin is an honorable man trying to outlive his rebellious past. Alyse is sweet and kind and in need of a hero. Their love affair is very romantic. I recommend reading the previous book in this series, After The Kiss first. Before The Scandal is a fun, exciting, and sensual story.


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