Because Your Vampire Said So by Michele Bardsley
Broken Heart, Oklahoma, Book 3
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 9780451223869
Reviewed by Jambrea



Patsy Donahue is a vampire with style.  A hairdresser while alive, her business has slowed a bit while living in the undead community.  Not only is her son driving her crazy, but now she has a ghost to deal with and a sexy lycanthrope named Gabriel Marchand.  Being with him could give dead a whole new meaning for this PTA mom.

Will Gabrielís past be the end of them both?

Because Your Vampire Said So is so funny I almost peed my pants.  Michele Bardsley has a way about her writing that cracks me up.  She makes the ordinary extraordinary and I think that is what I love the most.

Patsy Donahue struggles with parenthood just like any other parent; her biggest problem is she canít go out during the day when her son can get into trouble.  Gabriel helps bring her and her son closer while putting their lives in danger.  Because Your Vampire Said So has a little bit of everything with humor and action, just how I like my stories.  There will be a fourth book in this series and I canít wait because I head it has a male lead this time and that should be interesting, just as all of Ms. Bardsleyís Broken Heart stories are.


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