A Worthy Gentleman by Anne Herries
Hellfire Mysteries Series
Harlequin Mills & Boon
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0263851687
Reviewed by Emma



Miss Sarah Hunter no longer suffered from the nightmares brought on by the past. She has spent two years in Italy regaining herself. Now she knows her own mind and wishes that she had said yes to marriage to John when she had the chance.

He had tried to ask Sarah to marry him, but Mr. John Elworthy understood after all that she had been through she had not been ready. That was two years ago. Now life was different. John was just as he had been in the past, but with a new air of sadness brought on by the loss of his wife, Andrea. He looks at Sarah and realizes that she is just as she had been before but now so much more.

His name and reputation are now tarnished with rumors and innuendo. John does not feel he is worthy of Sarah. Will the past ever let them move forward?

A Worthy Gentleman is the final book in the Hellfire Mysteries Trilogy. Anne Herries has finished the trilogy with the love story of the person most affected by the actions of others in the first book.  Sarah is a character of strength, will and a bit of stubbornness that has overcome her nightmares about her abduction. A Worthy Gentleman does a nice showing of the ways of the Ton, and the workings of an overprotective mama. The past is brought up tastefully showing the strength of all characters especially Sarah. I found myself drawn into the well-written story and thoroughly enjoyed reading Sarah & Johnís story.


Note: A Worthy Gentleman is Book 3 of The Hellfire Mysteries Trilogy.  A Worthy Gentleman is a book that can stand on its own or as part of the trilogy as Anne Herries does a wonderful job of letting the reader know what was in the first two books.


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