A Gentleman’s Wager by Madelynne Ellis
Black Lace
Erotic Menage/Gay
ISBN: 978-0352341730
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Bella is thoroughly in lust with Lucerne, the Viscount Marlinscar and new owner of Lauwine Hall.  Bella is jealous of no woman; it is a man that interferes in her affair with Lucerne and his name is Vaughn, Marquis Pennerly. 

Vaughn has wanted and coveted Lucerne for years.  Intending to finally claim the man that he desires, Vaughn is not going to let Lucerne’s latest female conquest interfere with what he wants. 

Lucerne finds himself in a dilemma.  Bella is passionate and sexually explorative.  She keeps Lucerne satisfied bodily with a lustful love for sex rarely found in a woman.  As much as he likes to be with Bella, Lucerne also desires the Marquis Pennerly with the same fervor.

The three enter a love affair of sorts with Lucerne in the middle.  Unable to choose between both lovers, Lucerne makes a suggestion that could cost him both Bella and Vaughn, both of whom he loves.   

Readers expecting a sweet ménage where all parties adore each other might be disappointed with A Gentleman’s Wager.  There is nothing soft about this book but it is one of the most realistic ménages I have ever read.  The emotions were raw, the desires were risqué, and the love making was harsh but heady.  A Gentleman’s Wager is more erotica than romance but I relished every word.


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