A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber
Cedar Cove Series
MIRA Books
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2591-8, 0-7783-2591-1
Reviewed by Raine



Mary Jo Wyse had the unfortunate luck to meet and fall in love with the scoundrel David Rhodes. Now carrying his child and due in two weeks, Mary Jo goes in search of David in Cedar Cove where he is supposed to be spending Christmas with his dad and stepmother, Ben and Charlotte Rhodes. Unsure of where to look, Mary Jo starts off at the local coffee shop and is directed to the town librarian, Grace Harding. At the library she learns David’s parents are gone for the holiday and David is not expected in town just as she had begun to suspect.

Before Mary Jo can leave the library she nearly collapses to the floor, and would have if not for Grace’s fast catch. Worried, Grace calls 911 to have the very expectant mother examined. Upon arrival Mack McAfee checks Mary Jo’s vitals, and finds nothing wrong, but suggests she remain quiet for the remainder of the day. Grace finds there is no room or inn available with the holiday so close by and invites her back to the farm to stay in the loft apartment over the barn. In an unusual turn of events, the Harding’s barn is housing animals for the town’s live Nativity scene, which includes a donkey and one obnoxious camel who bites.

Later that day Mack is still thinking about the young, pretty and very alone Mary Jo and wondering how she is doing. Then her three brothers show up looking for their runaway sister. Mack calls the Harding farmhouse and learns that Mary Jo is happy to hear her brothers have arrived. They are given directions to the farm as she wishes to head for home. Not long after the Wyse men leave, Mack receives and heads out responding to an emergency phone call.

You cannot help but fall in love with the new characters currently visiting the Cedar Cove community. A Cedar Cove Christmas is a heart-warming holiday story based on the Original Christmas Story. You will be swept up into A Cedar Cove Christmas from page one as Mary Jo’s dilemma unfolds. A Cedar Cove Christmas will uplift your spirits as the community comes together once more to help a person in need. You will be held captive and experience sheer happiness as the story progresses to a beautifully written paralleled conclusion. If you have followed the Cedar Cove Series this is a must read, if you have not you will still love A Cedar Cove Christmas, it is written so well it could stand alone.


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