10 Days in Paradise by Dawn Halliday

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary/ Interracial Romance

ISBN:  1-59998-925-5

Reviewed by Jambrea


Celeste McMillan is a workaholic who is forced to take a vacation after a client assaults her.  She is not happy because she is trying to make partner and her company needs her there, not on a holiday.

Kanoe Anakalea is a native Hawaiian who loves his home and family.  He wants nothing to do with the tourists who flood Hawaii until he meets Celeste and feels an instant attraction.

Neither Celeste nor Kanoe plan on a vacation fling, but they canít help themselves with the heat flowing between them. They both know it is just a vacation romance that has to end in 10 days.  That will be enough, right?

10 Days in Paradise is a steamy hot vacation romance that turns into much more.  Kanoe is so hot that I wouldnít kick him out of bed and Celeste is a misguided soul who learns a lot about herself through Kanoe.  I donít think Celeste realized how unhappy she truly was until she had a chance to really look at her life.  Celeste and Kanoe are great for each other and I really think they need each other to be whole.

Not only is 10 Days in Paradise a hot read, but Dawn Halliday made me want to know more about the history of Hawaii and the culture of the island.  Kanoe has such passion for his home and I love how he showed Celeste the true Hawaii. 

If you want a steamy hot read for the summer, 10 Days in Paradise is the book for you.



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