Wild, Wild, West by Charlene Teglia
St. Martinís Griffin
Erotic Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN 978-0-312-36835-7
Reviewed by Nannette



A Manís World is His Bondage

Gabe Wilson and his two friends Chet Andrews and Reuben Black, are in the Lemon Espresso Coffeehouse when Willow Daniels steps on stage and recites a lusty poem, capturing Gabeís attention.  The sparks that ignited between them burn even hotter when they meet in the parking lot.  Gabe thinks Willow is his perfect match; her passion and obedience in bed are just what heís been looking for, but Willow might need some convincing.

A Manís World is His Bondage is smoking hot!  I love Gabe; he is sexy and charming and Willow is a sweetheart.  Itís a great story.

Ready To Play

Jolie McIntyre hasnít had much time for men; sheís been in law school and is now about to take the bar exam.  When Jolie decides to make the time, she sets her sites on Chet Andrews, even though they argue every time they see each other.  Chet is more than willing to have some hot sex with sexy Jolie.  He intends to make it last a lot longer than one night though. 

Chet and Jolie are great together in Ready To Play.  The sex is sizzling and the romance is really tender.

Reubenís Rules

Laura Jamieson owns the Lemon Espresso Coffeehouse in Missoula Montana.  Reuben Black has been coming in her shop for coffee and idle chit chat for some time now, but things change when Laura needs help with a bag of coffee and Reuben helps her, then offers so much more.

Reubenís Rules is full of steamy, sex.  Reuben is a very sexy and dominant man, and Laura is his perfect submissive.

Caution: Reading Wild, Wild, West may cause your body to overheat.  Read at your own risk!  The stories are very erotic and very romantic.  Wild, Wild, West has it all; hot cowboys, spicy sex and tender romance.


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