Wedding Jitters by Brynn Paulin
Naughty Nuptuals
Ellora’s Cave
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 9781419911231
Reviewed by Tanya



Dara is as nervous as one woman can be.  She is on the eve of her wedding to the plainest, “milk toast” kind of a man she could meet.  She knows he loves her but she is hiding much of herself from him.  Her real secret is that she is a fairy and when she has an orgasm her wings pop out of her back and she just might float.  She is convinced she will be able to control her reactions to her fiancé even after she is married and keep those special moments for time alone with her toys.

Merritt is sent to bring Dara to Faire before she makes a mistake and marries the wrong man, and forsakes who she really is.  He is planning on just seeing her to convince her into coming back with him.  But, when he finds her in the reception hall in the middle of the night he is instantly attracted to her and changes his mind.

Wedding Jitters is another fantastic addition to the Naughty Nuptials.  I loved the idea that an orgasm is what triggers the fairy ears and wings to come out.  The author leads you understand why Dara is doing what she is, and why she wants to hide her “gifts”.  There are also some wing unfolding ear pointing sexual scenes.  Wedding Jitters is one hot read and a great summer addition to your reading pile.


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