Trouble by Sasha White
Berkley Heat
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN 10:0425217000 13:978-0425217009
Reviewed by Maura


Samair Jones has spent years trying to be what her family expects her to be, but she’s had enough. She quits her hated day job and returns home to discover her boyfriend cheating on her with her roommate. Completely fed up, she walks out, determined to not be anyone’s doormat again. Instead, she decides to reclaim her nickname of “Trouble” and to make her own way on her own terms – including starting a business focused on her passion for creating custom designed lingerie and dance costumes.

Valentine Ward owns Risqué, a hot club in Vancouver, Canada. Risqué is Val’s baby and one of the few things he wanted during his divorce from his rich ex-wife. She turned him off women completely with her spite and manipulation, but when he spots Samair dancing in his club, he can’t resist her sexy allure.

Samair is seduced by the handsome and sexy Val with his offer to indulge every one of her fantasies with no strings attached. The thrill of being in charge of even this part of the new life she’s building for herself is irresistible.

But Val’s powerful ex-wife has a plan in mind that may destroy everything Samair and Val have worked for, along with their games, and she wants to talk to Samair.

Trouble is the perfect name for this new romance by one of my favorite authors, Sasha White. This story was so good that it hooked me immediately and had me squirming in my chair - in the middle of a convention, no less. Samair never came across as any sort of wimp, but her taking charge of her life, its direction, had me cheering her on. “Trouble” is a nickname that totally suits Samair. Val’s inability to resist Samair combined with his difficulties in opening up to her after his ex-wife’s actions made me fear that it would doom their relationship.

Trouble is rife with hot sex, rich and compelling true-to-life characters and a story that caught and completely held my attention. Sasha has again managed to pull off a sensual, erotic romance with its sexual and emotional tension building and building throughout the story until its resolution brought a most satisfying afterglow. This is one of my favorites of Sasha’s books to date, but I’m eagerly awaiting her next story. If you like a little Trouble in your life, you need to read this book. It instantly went into my keeper pile.


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