Triple Play by Jennifer McKenzie
Divine Intervention, Book 3
Cobblestone Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-143-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Danielle Laskey fought tooth and nail to get her daughter a place on the high school baseball team.  The coach, Christopher Jeffers didnít want her daughter on his team but he is coaching her, albeit reluctantly.  If only Danielle could forget her attraction to him because there is no way she is going to ever act upon it.  She learned her lesson the hard way fifteen years ago and isnít going to ever be that naÔve again.

Christopher Jeffers would feel better about coaching Danielle Laskeyís daughter if Danielle was just a bit more approachable.  Who is he kidding? Approachable or not, he wants her and not just to serve pizza after ballgames.  Finally getting the nerve to ask her for a date, Christopher is pleased when Danielle agrees.  Everything is fine until they arrive to her home and Danielle has a horrendous panic attack.  The reason for it Christopher finds out later.  Will he be able to continue his relationship with Danielle or will he be like all the others and not believe her story?

This was just the cutest series.  I love revisiting the guardian angels every installment and actually hope that there is another one forthcoming.  Danielleís emotional turmoil kicked me right in the gut and I found myself teary eyed right along with her.  Christopher I fell in love with because of his ability to be loyal and patient.  He loved Danielle and stuck by her when others didnít and I found that a perfect part of this story. 

If there was anything that took away from Triple Play it was the editing.  I found inconsistencies with one womanís name and the age in which Danielle became pregnant.  At the beginning of the book, Danielle got pregnant at 15, later on 16, and when she told her story to Christopher, she mentioned 17.  Those errors didnít really take away from the story but were a bit distracting.

Triple Play is a good read.  Inconsistencies aside, I loved the story very much and the ending was great.  I will watch for more from Jennifer McKenzie in the future.


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