Touch Me by Susan Lyons
Awesome Foursome, book 3
Erotic Romance
ISBN 10: 0758217021, 13: 978-0758217028
Reviewed by Amelia



Lawyer Ann Montgomery is stressed. David, the new lawyer working with her office, is gorgeous and sheís very attracted to him, but heís married and she wonít have anything to do with him unless heís single. Plus, she works fifteen hour days at the law firm and is always trying to follow her motherís advice, since her career-minded mother is always in her head. All this stress is causing pains in her body, especially her jaw.

Annís friends, the Awesome Foursome, say that the perfect way for her to relax would be to get a massage at Pure Indulgence. Ann takes them up on their advice and meets Adonis Stefanakis, a masseur who looks like a Greek god. Adonis is the opposite of Ann. Heís very laid-back, doesnít own a car and is into Tantric sex. Ann is all about instant orgasm.

There is a strong attraction between the two of them and they begin to see each other. Will they overcome the differences in their personalities to develop a strong relationship? Or will Ann decide that Adonis is not what she needs and focus on her career instead?

Touch Me is the first novel that Iíve read in the Awesome Foursome series, but it wonít be the last. I thoroughly enjoyed Ann and Adonis. The differences between them are so strong, yet their attraction is so passionate, that I loved watching them together. It was amazing to watch their relationship grow, and to watch them learn about themselves, and each other.

Ms. Lyons has penned a fascinating novel about romance, and friendship. The Awesome Foursome is a fascinating quartet of friends that I canít wait to read more about. Ann and Adonis are perfect together, and I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch the rest of their lives together. Touch Me is a fantastic book. Kudos to Ms. Lyons.


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