The School for Heiresses by Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle,
Julia London and Renee Bernard
Sensual Historical Romance Anthology
ISBN 978-1-4165-1611-8
Reviewed by Nannette



Ten Reasons To Stay by Sabrina Jeffries

The new Earl of Monteith, Colin Hunt, wants nothing more than to find some long sought after peace and a bride who will give him that.  What he finds is the cloaked figure of a tempting woman trying to steal one of his horses.  Eliza Crenshawe is Colinís mystery woman, and the tale she spins is unbelievable.  When he finds out that she might be telling the truth, instead of sending her back, he finds himself giving her ten reasons to stay.

Ten Reasons To Stay is a lusty love story.  Itís romantic and mysterious as well.  I like Colin and Eliza very much.


After Midnight by Liz Carlyle

Martinique is leaving The School For Heiresses to live with her uncle, Baron Rothewell.  The Baron will undoubtedly try to find Martinique a suitable husband and fast, but what she wants is love and passion.

Justin St. Vrain is going through the motions of life with little expectation and desire until a mistaken and passionate encounter with Martinique has him slowly rethinking his lifeís shallow goals.

The romance was a bit dimmed for me when the hero intended to bed one woman then beds another in her place.  I do so enjoy watching said rogue fall hard though.  After Midnight is full of mystery and passion.  Itís a good story with fun characters. 


The Merchantís Gift by Julia London

Grace Holcombís father insists she marry a wealthy and titled gentleman.  He has done everything in his power to mold Grace into the proper young lady, but she still lacks suitors.  Barrett Adlaine is a merchant and unfortunately for Grace, heís the only man she is attracted to.  Barrett wants Grace, but in order to have her heíll have to convince her that true love is worth more than a title.

Grace disappointed me in The Merchantís Gift.  I thought she was weak and that she hurt poor Barrettís feelings knowing full well how it feels to be cast out of society.  I did love Barrett though, and the ending is very romantic.


Mischiefís Holiday by Renee Bernard

Alyssa Martin has gotten herself in trouble again.  She seems to find it even when she is determined to stay away from it.  When Leland Yates saves her from a carriage mishap, then turns out to be a guest at her fatherís home, Alyssa is sure her troubles are just beginning again, but she may be in for a surprise when sedate, quiet Leland decides that he likes the kind of trouble Alyssa brings to his life.

Mischiefís Holiday is a very tender and romantic story.  Alyssa is sweet and endearing and Leland is very sexy.  I wished this had been a longer story.  I wanted more!


The School for Heiresses has a good group of stories in it.  There is romance, passion, and drama in each one.  There is a common theme in the stories but they each stand alone nicely.  


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