The Legacy by Beth Williamson
Malloy Family, Book 7
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Western Historical
ISBN: 1-59998-516-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Noah Calhoun left the bosom of his adopted family because he felt he was responsible for his adoptive father’s accident and near death.  Striving to be the person his parents raised him to be, Noah wants to make his mark on the world.  Coming into a town for a drink, Noah stops a fight and winds up agreeing to be the sheriff.  On his first day, he runs into the town’s homeless waif, Rosalyn Benedict, and underneath the dirt of her face, Noah just knows there is someone special.  All he has to do now is get close enough to convince her.

Rosalyn Benedict has been taking care of herself for a long time.  The witness to her mother’s hanging years ago, she has been homeless and in charge of herself for a very long time.  That said, Rosalyn doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do and doesn’t like the new sheriff, at all.  Or does she?  Finding herself hating him at one point and loving him in the next, Rosalyn doesn’t want to give up her independence.  When Noah is hurt by unknown enemies, she finds herself caring for him more than she should. 

I am so sad to see this series end.  Completely heartbroken that no longer will I have a Malloy Family book on Beth Williamson’s coming soon pages.  However, if she is going to end this enchanting series, then The Legacy is a proper last book.  Adopted by Nicky in The Bounty, readers knew that Noah as going to be a special man, and he was.  Noble, trustworthy and downright sensual, I loved him just as much as Rosalyn.  Rosalyn was also a tough cookie.  She reminded me a lot of Noah’s mother, Nicky.  She was stubborn, independent, but when she loved, she loved forever.

Bummed to see the series end, but proud to have read every book, I have to give big love to Beth Williamson for a truly wonderful end book.  The Legacy was the perfect story for Noah.  I am so glad he finally found the one place where he felt he belonged – Rosalyn’s arms. 


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