The Highlander’s Bride by Donna Fletcher
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-06-113626-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Sara McHern has been forced to live in an abbey by her father.  She must either take her vows, or marry the man her father has chosen for her.  Sara chooses neither.  Instead she prays for a husband.

Cullen Longton arrives at the abbey looking for his son.  Before his beloved Alaina died, the babe was taken from her.  Sara knows where the boy is and has promised to take Cullen to him if he agrees to marry her.  Cullen reluctantly agrees.

Along the way Cullen starts to like his new wife, while Sara is falling in love with her new husband.  Sara knows she is alone in her feelings so she tries to keep her distance.  Sara must let Cullen go once he and his son are reunited, but will Cullen want to leave Sara now that she has come to mean so much to him?

The Highlander’s Bride is a beautiful story about love lost and found.  There is as much angst and heartache as there is happiness and passion.  Cullen and Sara are good together.  I wanted so much to see Sara happy that my heart went out to her.  Sara is courageous, beautiful and compassionate.  Cullen is a good man; he is handsome, strong, and passionate.  The Highlander’s Bride is a wonderful historical romance.


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